ENGLISH – Art Excursion Denmark: Alps Adriatic meets Nordic Streets

Date: Wednesday, 31st July to Sunday, 4th August; Duration: 5 days
Location: Helsingør/Elsinore, Denmark
Target group: Culture lovers, artists, cultural workers, cultural leaders and decision-makers in municipalities and cities.
Participation fee for the cultural program:
entrance fees, 2x lunch and 2x dinner at PASSAGE Festival

(excl. travel expenses and accommodation):
125, - Euro without Shakespeare program
185, - Euro with Shakespeare program - 1 ticket included for an evening performance "Hamletfestspiele Kronborg Castle"
Accreditation: For artists, art students, members of the IG Kultur. Reduction 50% of the participation fee.
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In "Alps Adriatic meets Nordic Streets" we combine historical elements, such as Kronborg Castle, with contemporary museums, such as Louisiana, discussions about art and culture in public spaces - in urban and rural areas - and a visit to the PASSAGE Festival.
The city of Helsingør/Elsinore, just 50 km north of Copenhagen, is internationally regarded as a role model with its large sums of investment in culture per inhabitant. In 2010, the city got a completely new harbor area - the spectacular Maritime Museum, which praises the New York Times as a stroke of genius. The old shipyard is a culture house today with a library that won international major mediation and architectural prizes. The history of the shipyard is also portrayed in many controversial sculptures and murals in public space, which we will visit in a special tour.But Helsingør is also historically a cosmopolitan city. It is the only city that takes its name in English - Elsinore - and the town center has remained almost unchanged for centuries. The city is separated from Sweden only by a small sound, the Oresund, and thus earned more than 500 years ago - and used up again - when the passing ships had to pay duty.

One of the most famous castles in Denmark, Kronborg Castle, is located in Helsingør. Kronborg is known as the original location of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Every year, even when we are there, the Danes celebrate Shakespeare's Castle with international guest appearances - often with the Royal Family as interested spectators.

We visit the PASSAGE Festival, Scandinavia's largest street theater festival, with many cross-disciplinary art events in the program. The main guest this year is the Italian director Romeo Castellucci, who presents his new play "LA NUOVA VITA". We get free admission to all events and performances of the PASSAGE Festival!

There is also the opportunity to network internationally and to exchange views on the role of art and culture in urban development. This can be especially interesting for councilors / decision makers in municipalities and cities.

The artistic director of the festival as well as cultural actors tell us what the investment in culture means for the city of Helsingør, and also talk about the quite critical debate that they have had. Everyone is welcome to contribute in this discussion on public culture. The discussion will be conducted in English.

The Tegners Museum is a small museum in the middle of a nature area just north of Helsingør and shows the works of the artist Rudolph Tegner. A trip to this picturesque area is worthwhile, although many of his naturalistic sculptures can be seen in Helsingør.

Louisiana on Saturday, 3.8. It is located in the south of Helsingør and is Denmark's most famous contemporary art museum. The permanent collection has works by Kandinsky, Malevich, Warhol, Rauschenberg and others, as well as young positions by selected contemporary artists.

Our offer for you (mabe it will change a little bit):
Individual arrival (we will contact you to vote)
Evening: Helsingør - 8pm Welcome with Jens Frimann Hansen, Artistic Director of Helsingør Theater / PASSAGE Festival / SO Festival
Morning visit to the Cultural Yard / Library, Maritime Museum, Kronborg Castle, Public Art - Special Tour
Afternoon / Evening: Opening PASSAGE Festival, Romeo Castellucci "LA NUOVA VITA"
Morning: opportunity to speak, discussion and talks
Afternoon / evening: Program PASSAGE Festival
optional: Visit Shakespeare Richard III, Hamletfestspiele Kronborg Castle (please announce at registration)
Morning: Tegner Museum
Afternoon / evening: Louisiana
Individual departure
or visit Copenhagen

Registration, Costs & Conditions of Participation:
When registering, we will contact you so that we can coordinate and clarify questions.
The costs are divided into the participation fee (Styrian Summer Art) and individual travel costs:
Participation fee for cultural program, admissions, 2x lunch and 2x dinner at PASSAGE Festival
125, - Euro without Shakespeare
185, - Euro with Shakespeare - 1 ticket included for an evening performance Hamletfestspiele Kronborg Castle
Accreditation: For artists, art students, members of the IG Kultur. Reduction 50% of the participation fee
Traveling expenses:
Flight: Example Vienna - Copenhagen - Vienna: 50, - to 200, - Euro, depending on the airline and booking class (If you have any questions, please call: Michaela Zingerle +43 664 540 4289)
Transports / shuttles in Denmark: about 60, - to 80, - Euro (the train or public transport is very well developed between Copenhagen and Helsingør and the surrounding area)
Hotel / Accommodation: depending on your preference and wallet - here are recommendations:
Marienlyst beach hotel:  rooms on request
Hotel Skandia: rooms on request;
Airbnb and Bed & Breakfast are also good options;"Alps Adriatic meets Nordic Streets" sees itself as a combination of three independent cultural excursions and we start our journey to Helsingør in Denmark.
Further excursions:
Days of Poetry and Wine in Ptuj, Slovenia: Thursday, 22nd to Sunday, 25th August 2019
steirischer herbst in Graz: Date end of september / beginning - comming soon.

Preis: € The costs are divided into a participation fee and individual travel expenses.